Network connection issues

Some troubleshooting tips and hardware suggestions for slow or intermittent network connections
If you are experiencing trouble with your Zoom call, or noticing that webpages are loading slowly, the likely culprit is your network connection. With Zoom calls, this would include poor audio quality, getting disconnected from the meeting, or screen freezes. You can try some of these solutions to see if it improves your connectivity.

Adjust your Wi-Fi Router placement

Consider the location where your student is located, relative to where the wi-fi router is placed in your space. Moving your student closer to the source can improve the connection. Generally speaking, placing your wi-fi router in a centralized location, in an open space, and higher off the ground, can improve the wi-fi signal strength throughout your space. A good overview of optimal wi-fi router placement can be seen in this video.

Wired Connection

Connecting to your modem or broadband router directly, using an ethernet cable, is a great way to bypass the the wi-fi connection altogether, and will give you consistent speeds. This is the most reliable network connection, and is the best option, if you are capable of running an ethernet cable between your laptop and your modem. Most new laptops don't have the port needed for this connection, but there are many USB to Ethernet adapters available that will take the connection. Sources: USB Ethernet adapter​
Ethernet cable (14 ft.) . There are other lengths available, get one that suits your space best.​

Wi-Fi Extender

Some spaces are not suitable for running Ethernet cords. What can help boost wi-fi signal, and speed to rooms that are further away from where the wi-fi router is located, consider using a wi-fi extender. These devices are plugged into outlets within good range of your main wi-fi signal, and re-broadcast the wi-fi signal outwards and effectively extends the wi-fi coverage in your space. There are multiple options and devices that do this. A good example is the device mentioned below. TP-Link AC750 WiFi Extender​